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Written by Allison Mowatt   
Monday, 01 March 2010 15:19

As beautiful and magical the crisp, clear air may seem, it's also the time of year many people fall victim to colds and viruses that knock us down when we least expect it and especially when we don't have time for it!


There are ways to battle these pesky infections naturally and in the comfort of your own home if you'd rather not use over the counter medication.  Natural remedies have been helping people feel better for generations.  There is some truth to the old adage that chicken soup is good for the soul and is one of the leading "cure alls" for colds and other infections.


Follow these tried and true natural home remedies for relieving cold and flu symptoms and you'll soon be out of bed and back in action in no time:


1. Blow Your Nose:

This may seem like an obvious tip but it's one of the most popular ways to get rid of a cold.  Blow your nose regularly when you have a cold rather than sniffing it back into your head, which only prolongs the infection.


2. Get Some Rest:

This strengthens the immune system so it can fight the infection.


3. Gargle:

This is one of the oldest tricks of the trade.  Gargling with warm salt water several times a day moistens a sore throat, alleviates the pain and helps kill bacteria.


4. Drink Hot Liquids:

Drinking hot liquids like tea or broth is comforting, relieves nasal congestion and prevents dehydration.


5. Use a Rub Under Your Nose:

The menthol and eucalyptus in these rubs helps to open breathing passages and soothes skin irritated from blowing your nose.


6. Garlic, Onions and Leek:

As unusual as this may seem, these vegetables actually have anti-bacterial properties that boost the immune sytem and help fight infections.


7. Take a Hot Shower:

This helps clear up nasal and chest congestion and also relaxes you.  Also equally effective, you can boil water on the stove and breath in the vapors that way.

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